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Science and Technology

Ranking of shareholders and holding partners by the values of their capital in Media BusinessCompanies,  November 2015

Open Data Albania is collecting data on the value of the quotas, or shares in audiovisual media by their holders. The figures are based on information published by the National Registration Center, NRC, where each business is obliged to reveal suc

Internet usage. Subscribers, Access and Volume 2010-2014

Open Data Albania is investigating on the progress of Internet use in 2010-2014. According to the Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications, AEPC, there have been changes over the years both in the number of subscribers with broadband acce

Fixed and mobile telephony, the Number of Users and Annual Revenue 2004-2014

Open Data Albania is investigating data provided on fixed and mobile telephony during 2004-2014. According to the Postal and Electronic Communications Authority, PECA, changes were introduced throughout  these recent years both concerning the

Stockholder's capital in Business Entities that operate as Audiovisual Media September 2015

Open Data Albania is updating data on the operation of TV Media. This research highlights the number of licenses by category of television media and the commercial entity that owns these screens. The data in the survey were extracted from Audiovis

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Salaries in the ICT sector for the EU countries

Open Data Albania is investigating the level of salaries of employees in the sector of information and communication technology ICT in European Union countries. This field is taking an increasingly importance and as such it is of great interest. A

Budget expenditures for fixed telephony services and internet 2012-2013


Private investment in telecommunications in Albania and in the region 2000-2011


Number of Broadband Internet Contracts

The Broadband connection is one of the ways to use the internet. This indicator includes the contracts which enable the consumers to secure internet connection through: a modem which is attached to a cable transmission network, DSL technology (Dig

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Number of internet users in Albania

Open Data Albania has conducted a study on the number of internet users in Albania, based on data provided by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). During the recent 10 years the number of internet users for every 100 inhabitants is as sh