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Albania’s population according to gender and age group

It is often said that the world has more women than men. In fact a carefool look would show that there are very few countries where women make up more than 52% of the overall population, e.g. Swizterland, Armenia, Belarus). On average, worldwide, i

The population of Tirana during 2001-2009

Tirana is one of the most targeted cities by the Albanians for living. During the years it has been very welcoming for inhabitants of other districts, but in the same time many others have leaved. However, the number of residents’ growth rate in

Urban and rural population during years 1950-2050

Data on population living in urban and rural areas falls into the category of indicators Rural and/or Urban Development. Generally, the more developed countries tend to have a higher number of urban population than rural population. This facilitat

Population Growth in Kosovo

Open Data Albania has conducted a research on the population of Kosovo, based on data provided by the Statistical Agency of Kosovo (SAK).During the recent decade, the population size of Kosovo has changed as shown below: { "chartType":"Colu

Total population during 1998-2010

According to official sources Albania’s population until January 1 2010 was 3.195.000. This is only 4.3% higher than in 1998, and as is shown in the graph below, population growth over recent years has been very sluggish. Two main factors have co

Participation of women in politics

Participation of women in the political field and even further, the percentage of women in the National Assembly is one of the most important indicators, which together with the ratio of registered female / male in the primary secondary and high sc

Number of internet users in Albania

Open Data Albania has conducted a study on the number of internet users in Albania, based on data provided by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). During the recent 10 years the number of internet users for every 100 inhabitants is as sh

Employment Indicators by Gender in Albania

The employment statistics give the number and characteristics of the labor force in a country. The labor force includes employed and unemployed adults who possess the ability to work.Open Data Albania has conducted a research work on the employment

Retirement Pensions: City vs. Countryside

Open Data Albania has conducted a research work on the average and minimum retirement pension in the Albanian villages and cities during the last decade. The report is based on datasets of the monthly pension benefited by the individuals provided f