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Data and visualization on the Fund, Donations, Debts and Election Expenses 2013

Dear Friends, Open Data Albania through section Election Expenses 2013, is visualizing for information on funding, expenses and donations or debts of the Campaign for Assembly Election 2013. Transparency in Election Financing is regulated by legal

Comparative analysis on the most expensive Election Campaign 2009 - 2013

Open Data Albania has conducted a research regarding expenditures in election campaigns held in the years 2009 - 2013, placing the values declared in a comparative position. The research is based on official data from the audit reports of the acco

'Aleanca Kuq e Zi' Party - Election Funding and Costs in the Campaign of 2013

'Aleanca Kuq e Zi' Party is a party which participated as an election subject in the last assembly elections. This party has provided for the coverage for its electoral activity a fund of 1,743,448 ALL. According to the declared reports, the party

Fryma e Re Demokratike Party - Election Funding and expenses in the Election Campaign of 2013

'Fryma e Re Demokratike' Party is one of the electoral subjects registered for participation in the Assembly elections held on June 23, 2013. Although it is not a parliamentary party, 'Fryma e Re Demokratike' Party has managed to secure as t

Values for 2013 Election Campaign Donations

Open Data Albania is exploring the Private Donations of the Election Campaign 2013. The research is based on official data of the audit reports from the political party?s auditors. The conditions for donations in favor of political parties, has be

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Financial resources, Expenses and Fund?s Exceeding in the Election Campaign of 2013

In the Assembly Election Campaign 2013, there were sixty ? eight subjects competing among which: sixty ? six political parties and two independent candidates. To support the campaign activities, political parties stated that they have accumulated

The most financed functions of the 2014 Draft Budget

Compared with the 2013 Budget, there is a general decline in the share of the total funding for almost all functions, except for "other expenses unclassified" that increased with 6.45 % and "environmental protection" with 0.15 %. The increase in "

The most financed functions of the 2014 Draft Budget

Open Data Albania has examined the functions funded from the 2014 Draft Budget (PB2014) by comparing them with the initial functions under Budget 2013. Total planned expenditure for 2014 are about 455.56 * billion ALL, or 11.22% higher than the in

List of Donors, Socialist Party - 2013 Electoral Campaign

The Socialist Party has benefited a total fund of 26 million Leks from the state budget. The private donors have made contributions for an amount of 45.3 million Leks. This party has 53 donors, who have provided 56.58 % of the total collected fund

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