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Population and sex ratio in Albania 2001 – 2011

Open Data Albania carried an analysis of the data on population and sex ratio among different age groups in Albania for 2001 and 2011. For this analysis we used data from Population and Housing Censuses and published by the Institute of Statistics

Population among age groups in Albania 2001/2011

Open Data Albania carried a research on population among age groups. Statistical data are supplied by the Institute of Statistics and are collected through the Census of April 2001 and that of October 2011. Data on population among the age groups

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Holders of Domestic Debt 2012

Public Domestic Debt Dtock is divided between the Bank of Albania, Raiffeisen Bank, Non-bank institutions and Individuals. Open Data Albania has updated data on Domestic Debt Holders with the 2012 data. Even during 2012 shows a positive trend of i

The Compensation for Ex Political Prisoners during 2005-2013


Minorities in Albania

Open Data Albania carried an investigation of the national and cultural minorities in Albania in historical perspective. Statistical data on minorities were collected from different sources, mostly publications of the Institute of Statistics, the

Religious affiliation in Albania 1923-2011

Open data Albania pursued an in depth investigation on religious affiliation of population of Albania. Data for this classification are available for years 1923, 1927 and 2011.  Data for 1923 and 2011 derives from population censuses while th

Population in Albania 1870-2011

Open data Albania pursued an in depth investigation on the population inhabiting the territory of what is today Albania. The data runs back from XIX century, respectively from 1870, year on which we have the earliest statistical data, up to 2011,

The cost of debt per capita in the years 2010-2013

"The cost of debt per capita" is calculated as the ratio of total interest expense, paid from the budget for the outstanding debt, to the number of the population in a given year. It is a very important indicator, that helps in judging the solvenc