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State budget support for the Central Election Commission for the period 2003-2011

Central Election Commission (CEC) is the institution responsible for the administrations of elections in Albania. It is financed by the state budget and is an independent institution by the Central Government. CEC accomplishes its activities throu

Paedophilia. Volume of crimes and dynamics of the phenomenon

Sexual crimes and criminal offences against morality and dignity are not a group of criminal offences often encountered. Even in the statistical elaboration of criminal cases prosecuted over the years, this group of crimes represents a group of off

Minors as offenders in sexual crimes

Sexual abusers at an early ageWhen it comes to sexual abusers at an early age, we are dealing with a phenomenon that goes beyond social and criminal analysis. The early age of abusive sexual activity coincides with a typology which a given society

Ngjarja  sipas të dhënave të Këshillit të Ministrave, një Dokument i Integruar për rindërtimin e Gërdecit.

Blood feud, A crime on the increase

Statistics, Ministry of Justice and Open Data Albania: More crimes in 2009 than in 2007 or 2008. In the course of the last three months, crimes related to blood feud are becoming more inhumane. Shkodër, a district where the blood feud does not fol

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