Electric Energy

Power consumption of hydrocarbons in Albania and the World in the years 1971-2010


Trade Balance of Electricity in 2007-2012

Open Data Albania has analyzed Albania's trade balance of electricity during the years 2007-2012. The report is based on data published from ERE (Albanian Energy Regulator) and INSTAT (Albanian Institute of Statistics).Imports represent the monetary

Production of Electricity by the Private Sector

The private sector that produces electricity mades up a small market and still has a low impact in the overall production of electricity in our country. Although after 2008 the number of private companies operating in this market has increased, th

Agregate Sources, Imports and Production of Electricity during 1998-2010

As one of the main requirements for a normal lifestyle for the people and the development of the country’s economy, securing the necessary elcetric energy is a real challenge for every government. The demand for electricity is ever increasing, the

Amounts billed and payments received for electricity during 2002-2009

The second component that helps in determining the efficiency of electricity use is the ratio of payments received versus the amounts billed.  { "chartType":"ColumnChart", "chartName":"Chart 1", "dataSourceUrl":"https://docs.google.

Total Losses of Electricity

Of the most important parameters for measuring the efficiency of the consumption of electricity is the level of losses. For many years this has been one of the biggest concerns of the energy sector and it appears that it is still very present. Tot

Structure of final use of electricity

The structure of electricity consumption serves to identify its main users. It is an indicator that allows us to judge the scale of economic and industrial development of a country. The more electricity the private sector uses (industry, agricultu

Use of electricity during years 1998-2010

Use of electricity is one of the parameters that enables us to analyze the efficiency of the utilization of the electric energy. Total sources of electricity serve one or more of the following main categories: consumers, export, and losses in the