Quality of beaches –Fecal Coliforms and Intestinal Enterococcus Indicators

Albania is a country blessed with a coastline of 316 kilometres, where there are a lot of sandy and rocky beaches making it one of the preferred choices over the summer holidays. However, rapid urban development have contributed not a little on it

Solid Scraps and Inerts  over the years

General LookSolid waste management is one the most acute issues today. The continuous increase of consumption, population migration, and the overall economic development, not matched with a careful administration of the waste have turned those int

Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Emission

Side effects of CO2Carbon Dioxide is the main reason for global warming. It is released from the burning of oil, coal and natural gas and these are the main sources for its presence in the air. In the alst 50 years its concentration has increased

The Building Permits per County

Open Data Albania has conducted a research work on the number of building permits per county in the recent years in Albania, based on data provided from INSTAT (Albanian Institute of Statistics).A building permit is an authorization to begin working

Quality of Air-Presence of pollutants PM10 and LNP

PM10 and LNP are two of the most important indicators of the quality of air. They express the level of the solid particles in the air. PM10 (Particulate Matter) is a mixture of liquid and solid particles that stay in the air, with a diameter small

Quality of air- NO2 dhe SO2 Indicators

Air pollutants may be dust particles, chemicals or biological materials which have negative effects over human organisms, environment or atmosphere. Some of the most important groups of quality of air indicators are:Ų  SO2, NOx and NH3 (amoni

General outlook of the environmental situation in Albania

For several years now, Albania has been undergoing vibrant urban developments, which has at the same time had a considerable impact on the environment. Consumption and transport growth, urban waste, inerts, sewerage finding its way to the sea or ri