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Author convicted for sexual offenses 2004-2012


Number of persons convicted of crimes against justice in the Republic of Albania in the years 2004-2012


Author convicted of crimes against life, killing and wounding 2004-2012


Causes of mortality for children 0 to 5 years

Open Data Albania is investigating the causes of death of children from 0 to 5 years. According to indicators of mortality for this age group in 2012 results show that the complications of the first month after birth account for 47% of cases of ch

Number of Count and Rate for 100.000 Population. Albania 1995 - 2010


Crime against property. Theft 2008 - 2011

The Center for European and Security Affairs of the Institute for Democracy and Mediation  has conducted a research on the level of property crime during the last four years, 2008-2011.  The research is based on the data provided by the

Severe crimes against human life.  Homicides during 2008-2011

The Institute for Democracy and Mediation and the Center for European and Security Affairs have conducted a research on the level of crime against human life in the last four years, 2008-2011. The research is based on the data provided by the Gene

Traffic Accidents in Albania

Open Data Albania has conducted a reseach on the number of traffic accidents in Albania, as well as the number of injured in these accidents, based on data provided by INSTAT. Starting with year 1995, the number of traficc related accidents and in

Statistics on corruption on the basis of criminal proceedings by the judiciary in the Republic of Albania 2004-2009

Statistics on court cases and offenders convicted of criminal offences related to corruption and abuse of office while exercising a public function. 1.1 Dynamics.The number of cases and offenders for this category of criminal offences is continuous

Electoral Crimes 9 vite mė parė

Electoral Crimes

The current Albanian Criminal Code contains eight articles which provide for crimes or criminal infractions affecting elections. At the same time, the Electoral Code, in two articles, defines as punishable such acts as voting more than once or aban

Paedophilia. Volume of crimes and dynamics of the phenomenon

Sexual crimes and criminal offences against morality and dignity are not a group of criminal offences often encountered. Even in the statistical elaboration of criminal cases prosecuted over the years, this group of crimes represents a group of off

Minors as offenders in sexual crimes

Sexual abusers at an early ageWhen it comes to sexual abusers at an early age, we are dealing with a phenomenon that goes beyond social and criminal analysis. The early age of abusive sexual activity coincides with a typology which a given society

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