Value of insurance market and share of companies 2003-2012

Open Data Albania is updating data on the insurance market in Albania. This market is a very important part of the financial system. Insurance process includes individuals and businesses that pay insurance premiums to be protected from specif

The trend of increased oil prices in Albania and in the world in the years 1998-2012


A comparative analysis of the expenses of the Albanian Road Authority in an election year, February - April 2012 versus 2013

Open Data Albania is analysing data on some transactions executed by the State Treasury in 2013, which coincides with an election year, versus the transactions in the previous year,  2012. The period considered for this research is the quarte

Production and consumption of tobacco 1998-2012

Open Data Albania has undertaken a research on the production, import and export of tobacco during the past fourteen years. Tobacco as raw material for cigarette manufacturing industry has shown high levels of production before the 90s. In the cou

Reports of suspicious activity to money laundering reported by subjects 2008-2012


Case typologies of suspicious activity 2010-2012


Inspections carried out on site and remotely categorized by groups of subjects 2005-2012


Comparative Analysis of the Governmental Apparatus expenses on election years. February - April 2013 vs. 2012

Open Data Albania is exploring data on the transactions conducted by the State Treasury in an election year versus an earlier ordinary year. Data are explored in a comparative analysis to see if there are changes and specified expenses in a year w

Enterprises active in the Republic of Albania that are owned or administered under a female in 2005-2012


Family pensions in social security scheme 1998-2012


Invalidity pensions to the social security scheme 1998-2012

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Fiscal Indicators of Tax Revenues regarding Consolidated Budget 2004-2012


The economic damage caused by the municipalities and communes in 2012

Open Data Albania has looked into the economic damage caused by the administration and use of public funds by the local government, to the State Budget, evidenced by the SSA in the 2012 report. In total, 36 municipalities and 18 communes were audi