Incomes, expenses and financing from the budget for Health Insurance 1995-2013

Open Data Albania is exploring the value of income and expenses of health insurance and the coverage from the state budget. Scheme contributions for health insurance are administered by the Health Insurance Institute (HII). According to its Statut

On Income, expenses and budget financing for Social Security 1993-2013

Open Data Albania is investigating the income and expenditure for social insurance scheme and the difference covered by the state budget. Contribution scheme is administered by the Social Insurance Institute (SII) and has five insurance branches:

The annual cost per inmate in the Republic of Albania in 2013

Open Data Albania is exploring the costs of the annual State budget to keep detainees in prisons or prisoners for serving prison sentences. To obtain this analysis it was taken under consideration the value of budget expenditures for all tra

Actual Budget for the Hospital Service 2012 - 2013

Open Data Albania is exploring regarding the actual budget spent on hospital service in the 2012-2013 timeframe. This budget is about investment costs, wages, cost of drugs, services, maintenance, reimbursement of medicines, etc.. This article is

Monthly Inflation for year 2013

Open Data Albania has researched on the inflation of 2013, for the period January 2013 - January 2014. Inflation is an indicator of the change of the overall level of prices in an economy. It is measured as the change in the Consumer Price Index (

Inflation trend during 1988 - 2013

Open Data Albania has updated data on inflation in Albania for a 25 -year period , from 1988 to 2013 . Inflation is an indicator of change in the general price level in an economy. Inflation is measured as the change in the consumer price index (

Imports to Albania by countries,  2013

Open Data Albania has undertaken a research on Albania imports by country of origin during the period from 2005 to 2013 . Total imports declined by 3% on an annual basis in 2013 , reaching 512 billion All, reflecting both the contraction of consum

Albania's Eurobond Januar 2014

Albania issued the first Eurobond in international markets on November 4th of 2010. A Eurobond is a bond issued in international markets (not locally) with a maturity of 1 year or more. At the announcement the bond had a 7.625% yield. This instrum

Budget expenditures for 2012-2013 mobile services


Chrome, trading volume of during 2005-2013

Open Data Albania has undertaken a research on trading volume of chrome during 2005-2013. During 1970-1990 , Albania was the first producer of chromium in Europe and ranked second in the world in the export and manufacturing of this product. Curre

Trade Balance with the countries in the Region during 2005-2013

Albania continues to maintain a negative trade balance with countries of the region . Open Data Albania has undertaken a research on exports and imports to and from the region , by country, highlighting Albania's trade balance with these countries

Subjects with unpaid tax liabilities of the term, in January 2014


Excise tax on cigarettes and tobacco, RA and European Countries in 2014

Open Data Albania is exploring the cigarette excise tax levels in the country and the region. Referring to the Albanian legislation, excise is a tax applied to the excise products, manufactured and imported, delivered for consumption in the territ