State Budget incomes according to the structure 2000 - 2013

Open Data Albania is exploring on the incomes of the state budget and their structure. The total incomes of the Consolidated State Fund include all income from various tax and non-tax sources and benefits provided by the governments of foreign cou

Revenue Budget by Collecting Institution, General Directorate of Taxation or General Directorate of Customs

Open Data Albania is investigating tax and customs income and their collection report by the Directorate General of Taxation and the General Directorate of Customs. The data belong to the years 2009-2013. Tax and customs revenues are collected fro

The Bank of Albania, Performance based on Profit 1993 - 2013

Open Data Albania is investigating the level of profit transferred by the Bank of Albania to the state budget from 1993 to 2013. Bank of Albania is the central bank of our country and operates under the provisions of Law no. 8269, dated 23.12.1997

Budget expenditures for fixed telephony services and internet 2012-2013


The trend of interest rates in the banking system in 2013

Open Data Albania has undertaken a research on interest rates on loans and deposits in the domestic banking system during 2004-2013 . According to data from the Bank of Albania, the average monthly rate of loan in local currency fell 8.9 % in Dece

Minimum wages in Albania, in the region and in Europe

Open Data Albania is investigating the level of the minimum wage in the country, the Balkans and in Europe. The minimum wage is the lowest wage that is required to be implemented by every employer, local or foreigner. The minimum wage is determine

Labor Market in the Banking System 2009 - 2013

Open Data Albania is investigating the labor market, namely the number of persons employed in commercial banks in the years 2009-2013. The analysis aims to assess the pace of growth or contraction of the labor market in this sector. Specifically i

Profits of Banks during 2008-2013

Open Data Albania has undertaken a research on the earnings performance of banks operating in Albania . The report detailed data from the Albanian Association of Banks, which collects data based on self- reporting banks, profits, deposits, loans,

Loans and deposits by currency during 2002-2013

Open Data Albania has updated data on lending to the economy and bank deposits during the period 2002-2013. At the end of December 2013 crediting of the economy amounted to 547.9 billion All, registering the first decline of bank loans over the pa

Loan-Deposits ratio of  Banks in 2013

Open Data Albania has undertaken a research on weight and coverage of loans to deposits in commercial banks in 2013. At the end of this year, total deposits were at about 933 billion All with a decrease of 6% compared to last year ( this figure do

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Loans to businesses by sector 2007-2013

Open Data Albania has updated information on the progress of business loans by economic activity. At the end of 2013, total banking loans amounted to 547 billion All, marking a decrease of 6.8 billion All, or 22.1% on yearly basis.  While loa

The exchange rate 2013 6 vite mė parė

The exchange rate 2013

Open Data Albania has conducted a research regarding the exchange rates in the months of 2013. The research is based on the official data of the Bank of Albania. The fixing is the official exchange rate of some foreign currencies against the Alban