Comparative analysis on the most expensive Election Campaign 2009 - 2013

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Open Data Albania has conducted a research regarding expenditures in election campaigns held in the years 2009 - 2013, placing the values declared in a comparative position. The research is based on official data from the audit reports of the accounting experts. The most expensive campaign is the campaign for the Assembly elections held in 2013. The second most costly campaign is the one of 2009 for local government elections, and the less costly compared to these three campaigns, is the one of the year 2011.

Specifically in the election campaign of 2013, there have been 15,940,966 ALL expenses more than in the 2011 election campaign and 13,859,417 ALL more than in the 2009 Election Campaign. In the Assembly elections held on June 23, 2013, subjects have declared more expenditures and a part of them in the form of debts or exceeded expenses, not liquidated within official deadlines for accounting record keeping of the election campaign.

Comments and analysis: ODA   

A very important category of elective subject?s funds are donations. Donations are non public funds donated for elective subjects. Donations comprise sums of money or goods and services given not against any payment.

Regarding donations, the 2013 Election Campaign has seen donations of higher values. For the campaign for the Assembly Election in 2013, 51,321,661 ALL were donated more than in the election campaign of 2011.

Comments and analysis: ODA 

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    Contributer: Olta Begu
    Translated by: Viola Qefalia
    Edited by: ODA