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Public debt by maturity 2003 -2013

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The debt stock of a country is total public debt issued domestically and abroad and that still is not settled. Public debt can be repaid within one year as short-term debt, or in more than one year as long-term debt . Open Data Albania has completed updating the data on the structure of the debt stock of the Albanian state by maturity.

The data are cumulative, so the debt stock of a year includes total debt issued up to that year . Short-term debt consists of treasury bills, while long-term debt consists mostly of bonds of a period of 2 and 5 years. In 2007 were issued for the first time 7-year bonds.

The stock of public debt at the end of the third quarter 2013 was about 871.8 billion ALL or 62.2% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) . Of this total , 249.2 billion All were short-term debt or 30.4%  and 569.5 billion All are long-term debt or 69.6 % .

After 2016, share of short-term debt versus long-term debt has shrunk. To obtain the data were analyzed original maturities.

Source: Ministry of Finance
Processing and comments: ODA

Over recent years there has been a clear increase in the share of long-term debt versus short-term debt. This reflects the strategy of Ministry of Finance to issue long-term debt. Increase of long-term debt reduces the need of refinancing, but it also raises costs, as long-term debt includes higher interest payments than short-term debt due to lower liquidity.

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