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Institutions that have caused the highest economic damage in the procurement area during 2012

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The economic damage in the procurement area in 2012 was 444.5 million, marking the highest level in the four last years. For this reason, Open Data Albania has examined institutions that have caused most of it. The institution with the highest damage in procurements for 2012 is the Interior Ministry, with 225.6 million ALL or 50% of the total damage to the sector. 

It was due to the actions of the Public Procurement Commission in violation to the tender rules, disqualifying economic operators who offered lower value. Regarding to this fact, the SSA has raised criminal charges for abuse of office for four people. The second on the list appears AEC (Albanian Energy Corporation), with a damage of about 54.7 million or 12 % to the total damage due to failing in following the work flow. Shortly after comes Municipality of Pogradec, with 20.7 million ALL, case in which were raised charges against at least three people for violation of inequality of participants in public tenders or auctions.

Despite the relatively smaller budgets compared with municipalities, the fourth among the top institutions in the procurement damage is placed the Commune of Qukes, Librazhd, with 18.28 million ALL, for which the SSA has raised charges against the former Mayor for abuse of power and violation of inequality in tenders. The list continues further with the Municipality of Korca, whose damage has been about 17.6 million; Commune of Berzhite, Tirana, with 13.48 million ALL and Municipality of Saranda  with 12.7 million .

Meanwhile, as other institutions with high damage in the area of procurement for 2012 can be mentioned: Municipality of Tropoja with 8.3 million ALL; Municipality of Himara, with 8.1 million, case in which 8 persons were under investigation for abuse of power and violation of inequality of participants in tenders; Commune of Golem, Kavaja, with about 7 million all and Municipality of Lezha with 5.33 million all.

The following chart gives a clearer picture of the amount of damage caused in the procurement area to the State Budget for 2012, as well as the weight of each of them in total.

Source : Supreme State Audit 
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While in tabular form the information can be presented as follows:

Source : Supreme State Audit 
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