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Albania's Budget Revenue compared to countries of the Region

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Budget revenues represents a country's revenues from taxes for realizing investments and expenditures by public institutions. The difference between expenditures and revenue makes the budget deficit. In the case of Albania, the budget revenues for 2009 were about 299 billion Albanian Lek (ALL) or 26% of GDP.

Compared with the region countries, Albania is ranked as follows:

IMF estimates
Source: International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania (ODA)

As can be seen from the graph, Albania’s revenues to GDP are the lowest of the region. While ranked in first place: Bosnia and Herzegovina (46%) followed by Montenegro (43%), Serbia (39.5%), Croatia (38.7%), Greece (36.9%), Turkey (39.7%), Macedonia (30.3%) and Kosovo (29.7%).

By doing an analysis in year it is noted that the country with the highest reduction of budget revenues during the last decade was Greece and the country with the highest increase is Kosovo. Budget revenues are based on taxes and fees collected by state tax offices during a certain time. They are influenced by the level of taxation and the ability of the state offices to collect these taxes in order to reduce tax evasion.

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