Actual Budget for the Hospital Service 2012 - 2013

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Open Data Albania is exploring regarding the actual budget spent on hospital service in the 2012-2013 timeframe. This budget is about investment costs, wages, cost of drugs, services, maintenance, reimbursement of medicines, etc.. This article is realized through the Treasury Transaction Monitoring, a process made possible by Spending Data Albania platform.

During 2013 actual budget for the hospital service has been 14,214,540,724 in total ALL, ie about 6% more than the previous year. Regional hospitals and district hospital services during 2013 were as 51% of total hospital services in the country.

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The budget of the University Hospital Center "Nene Tereza" in 2013 was 4,806,565,404 ALL, then 34% of the total budget for hospital service in the Republic of Albania. Military Hospital, which recently changed its name to the Trauma Hospital has had an actual budget of 554,566,275 ALL in 2013, ie about 4% of the total. ?Sanatoriumi? on the other hand as a hospital no less important with locations in Tirana, had a budget of 3% of the total, ie 436,398,119 ALL.

During 2012 the hospital with the largest actual budget after University Hospital Center "Nene Tereza" was Elbasan Hospital Department with a budget of 599,286,104 Lek, while in 2013 it was Shkodra Hospital Department with a budget of 573,958,954 ALL.

Actual budget of the Hospital Service for the years 2012-2013

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An interesting analysis is the analysis that pits Regional Hospitals with each other in a geographic reach throughout the Republic of Albania. Regional hospitals which have spent more of the state budget in 2012-2013 timeframe are the hospitals of Shkoder, Elbasan, Vlora Peshkopi.

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All transactions with value date, description of expenditure and beneficiaries are accessible with authentic data to Date Spending Albania, State Treasury Monitoring.

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    Contributer: Griselda Rruci
    Translated by: Viola Qefalia
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