Trade Balance 1993-2013

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Open Data Albania has updated data on Albania's trade balance up to year 2013 . Trade Balance measures the difference between the value of exports and imports in an economy. Exports represent the value of all goods or services sold abroad, while imports represent the value of all goods or services purchased or performed by other countries.

2013 was one of the most positive in the last 5-years, with a balance trade that amounted to minus 266 billion All. The trade balance has improved 16 % versus a year ago .

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In the case of Albania , the trade balance has been often decreasing (imports versus exports have grown consistently). The lowest value reached in 2009 and the highest in 1994, but 2013 confirms recovery .

The analysis of data shows that the level of exports has grown to its maximum value of the last 20 years during 2013. Total exports reached over 246 billion ALL, recovering significantly improving Albania's trade balance. Since 2009, year 2013 is one of the few years where both indicators decreased compared to the previous year ( imports and exports ). This is explained by the global crisis effects and reduction of  domestic and foreign demand.

Imports declined as result of domestic consumption fall due to economic crisis in the country. On the other side, domestic production of agricultural products was expanded.  At the end of 2013 imports amounted to 512.2 billion All, decreasing 3% versus 2012, recording the lowest value of the last three years .

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Growth of exports and imports fall marked an improvement in the trade balance of Albania , which however remains negative .

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