Fryma e Re Demokratike Party - Election Funding and expenses in the Election Campaign of 2013

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'Fryma e Re Demokratike' Party is one of the electoral subjects registered for participation in the Assembly elections held on June 23, 2013. Although it is not a parliamentary party, 'Fryma e Re Demokratike' Party has managed to secure as the support for its electoral activities, a fund of about four million ALL. According to accounting registrations, the party spent the same amount as the funds collected.

Comments and analysis : ODA

?Fryma e Re Demokratike? Party has benefited from private donors for the campaign 4.2 million ALL. This represents 99.88% of the total funds. The party has activated its own funds to cover the costs of the campaign in a very small quote of 0.12%, in the amount of 5,000 ALL.

Comments and analysis : ODA

All donors of this election subject, are donors for smaller amounts than 100 000, meaning donors for whom the party has the obligation for publication.

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    Contributer: Olta Begu
    Translated by: Viola Qefalia
    Edited by: ODA