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Values for 2013 Election Campaign Donations

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Open Data Albania is exploring the Private Donations of the Election Campaign 2013. The research is based on official data of the audit reports from the political party?s auditors. The conditions for donations in favor of political parties, has been defined in Section 89 of the Electoral Code by the legislature. In the last election campaign, 50 % of financial resources are private donations. From sixty- six parties that participated in the elections, twenty -five of them declared donations to a total of 121,130,076 ALL (approximately $ 1,187,549).  The Democratic Party has secured 52.29 % of the total private giving of the campaign followed by the Socialist Party which , although party winning the election process has provided donations in the ratio of only 37.4 % of the total electoral donations.

'Fryma e re demokratike' party and the 'partia per drejtesi, integrim dhe unitet' are the parties that secured respectively the 3 and 2 % of the total donations being ranked even better than 'Lėvizja Socialiste pėr Integrim'. LSI in this campaign has officially declared support with private donations at a low level that constitutes only 1 % of total campaign donations.

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Donations by category

Donations are in cash or in the form of goods and services. According to the Electoral Code, the donors are categorized into donors with donated values under 100 thousand all approximately 1000 USD and donors with values over 100 thousand all approximately 1000 USD. Under 100 thousand all donors are donors whom donations can be accepted in cash without the identification of the bank. While donors of amounts of over 100 thousand all necessarily have to be stated in the special register that is updated according to the bank account that the subject sets available.

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Specifically 68.37 % of the donations are donations from donors for amounts of over 100 thousand, while 30.13 % are unidentified donors with values below 100 thousand all. Parties also declared donations in the form of items or services not against any payment in 1.5 % of the total amount of donations or the equivalent of 1.81 million.

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