Offenders convicted for causing or inciting suicide, 2004 - 2012

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Open Data Albania is exploring on the number of persons prosecuted as perpetrators of encouraging suicide. This research is based on cases prosecuted and offenders convicted by the courts under section 99 of the Criminal Code "Causing Suicide".

Criminal law considers guilty and sentences to a fine or imprisonment of up to five years, all those people that cause suicide or incite attempted suicide to another person through a systematic maltreatment or other systematic behavior which seriously undermines their dignity, in context when the victim has material dependence or any other another kind of dependence from the person that causes the situation that leads to suicide.

Each year, the Albanian courts sentence two to five nationals as incentive and guilty of suicide.

Source: Statistical Yearbook Min of Justice 2004 -2012
Processing and comments: ODA

Thus, according to official data, the highest curve this offense reached in 2008, with five recorded offenses and five sentenced persons.

In the subsequent years, this offense has seen a downward trend. Thus, in 2009, there were four recorded offenses and four sentenced persons. In 2010 the same number of cases and sentenced were recorded. In the year 2011 three cases and three convicted persons were observed, while in 2012 only one case recorded.

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