The most financed functions of the 2014 Draft Budget

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Compared with the 2013 Budget, there is a general decline in the share of the total funding for almost all functions, except for "other expenses unclassified" that increased with 6.45 % and "environmental protection" with 0.15 %. The increase in " Other expenses unclassified " has come mainly from the inclusion in the draft budget of "arrears" amounting to 35 billion, in which 12 billion are projected for the obligations of infrastructure, 20 billion on tax liabilities and 3 billion are under item "other". This fact expresses a priority for the government to pay arrears to business. Meanwhile, for the first time after a long time, "Social Protection" has declined as the second voice with more funding from the budget.

Financing weights of every function to the total

Source: Ministry of Finance
Comments and analysis: ODA

High decline in relative value, except of this function, has been experienced also by "economic issues" with 1.95%, "Housing and community amenities" 0.9%, "Education" with 0.83% and "Health" with 0.83%.

If the amount of financing of functions in the Draft Budget 2014 Budget versus 2013 would be taken in consideration, it would be noticed the increased funding for some of the functions such as "Social Protection" with 8.3 billion, "General Public Services" with 2.76 billion, Healthcare with 1.67 billion, Education with 948 million, "Environmental Protection" with 759 million and recently, "Order and security" with 575 million ALL. With a decrease in PB2014 funding appears "economic issues" with 4 billion, "Housing and community amenities" with 1.38 billion, "Defense" with 253 million and "Recreation, culture and religious affairs" with 168 million.

Amount of financing of the functions under the initial Draft Budget 2014 and Budget 2013 (in 000 lek)

Source: Ministry of Finance
Comments and analysis: ODA

*The value of total expenditure 455.56 billion belongs to the accompanying Table No. 6 of the Budget Law.

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    Contributer: Blerta Zilja, M.Sc.
    Translated by: Viola Qefalia
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