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Employees according to the category of monthly salary 2013

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Open Data Albania is exploring the level of employment in the country according to their salary category. The research aims to express the number and weight of employees according to the value of the monthly salary declared. The data are based on the monthly average of the first nine months of 2013. Source of information is the Ministry of Finance. In total average in this year, there are four hundred and twenty five thousand and sixty- six employees contributing to the country. It results that 56.2 % of the total employed persons have a salary below the thirty thousand ALL per month.

We can say that more than half of employees in the country is not subject to personal income tax in the current tax scheme. 9.2 % of declared employees in the Republic of Albania have a salary of 30 to 40 thousand ALL per, while 10.6 % is the total weight of persons with a monthly salary of the category 40 to 50 thousand ALL per month. The category of persons employed with a monthly payment salary from 100 to 200 thousand ALL is almost insignificant to the total employed contributors. While a salary of over 200 thousand ALL is profited by 1.2 % of contributors.

Source: Ministry of Finance
Processing and comments: ODA

Source: Ministry of Finance
Processing and comments: ODA

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