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Severe crimes against human life. Homicides during 2008-2011

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The Institute for Democracy and Mediation and the Center for European and Security Affairs have conducted a research on the level of crime against human life in the last four years, 2008-2011. The research is based on the data provided by the General Directorate of State Police and intends to deepen the analysis on crime trends in the country as well as to encourage debate on alternative measures for the anti-crime institutions aiming at improving their performance.

The research on severe crimes against human life is based on data, which are grouped according to three main offences, namely: “Homicide”, “Murder of negligence”, and “Attempted murder”.  According to the data provided by the State Police, during the last four years, a total of 1331 such crimes were recorded.  During the timeframe of this research, the 2011 records the highest number of crimes against human life, whilst the 2009 records the lowest number of such crimes.

Severe crimes against human life during 2008 – 2011 

Source: General Directorate of State Police
Research: Institute for Democracy and Mediation 

This group of crimes reveals a slight raising tendency of the yearly average in the last two years. The highest number of “crimes against human life” is recorded in the second and the third quarters of the year, during April-September. The majority of these crimes are the “Attempted murder”, which counts for around 66.7% of the crimes against human life. 

The results of the study show that of a particular concern is the increase by almost 40% of “Homicides” in the last two years (2010-2011) compared to the period of 2008-2009.  During these same years, an increase in the number of homicides with reference to 100,000 is recorded.  This indicates a 2.9 and 2.7 homicides for 100,000 inhabitants, for the years 2008 and 2009 respectively. Whilst for the year 2010, this indicators rate Albania as the top country in the region with regard to life endangerment, referring to 4 homicides for 100,000 inhabitants. 

Source: General Directorate of State Police
Research: Institute for Democracy and Mediation

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