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Albanian Refugees (1990-2010)

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Refugees are those individuals who have applied and received refugee status in the territory of a certain state. Applications for asylum and refugee status are defined in the Convention and Protocols recognized internationally by member countries of the United Nations.

Open date Albania has conducted a research  on people who have left Albania and are granted refugee status in another country, refugees of Albanian Republic. This research contains statistical data for the years 1990-2010. In these two decades Albania has consistently been the country of origin for dozens of Albanian refugees.

In this research are not include individuals who have not applied or have not earned that status. Also excluded are Albanian nationals who have earned the right to asylum in a foreign country.

Source: World Bank
Comments and analysis: ODA

Years with the lowest number of people that have left the Republic of Albania and received refugee status in a foreign country are the year 1990 with 1822 individuals, 1991 to 3540 and since 1999, with 4325 people.

The opposite is for the refugees arrived in Albania in 1999, that marked the maximum for this category. The following years have marked an increase in the number of Albanian citizens who apply for refugee status in foreign countries.

Source: World Bank
Comments and analysis: ODA

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