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Open Data Albania presented in Open Government Data Camp 2011

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Open Data Albania – a project for transparency and innovation – was successfully presented in the important international event Open Government Data Camp 2011. ( Open Knowledge Foundation and Centrum Cyfrowe organized the event, held in Warsaw, Poland on October 20 and 21. Approximately 400 participants from 40 countries around the world were acquainted and presented ideas, initiatives and projects for Open Government

 Data. The Albanian Open Data, as an initiative of civil society, presented in one of the sections of OGDC 2011 its progress of several months and vast impact in the public. By demonstrating the dynamic website, it made known to the hosts and participants that Open Data Albania publishes approximately four researching articles per week.

Currently this project has published hundreds of indicators with data on the Albanian economy and society. These articles are part of a broader catalogue of themes, as education, economy, health, public financing, environment, criminology and many more. The analysis of indicators and their presentation are completed by ensuring the possibility for an analysis of progress through the years, as well as a comparative analysis of Albania’s indicators to those of neighbor countries.

A group of articles on transparency in public finance expenditure, modeled according to Open Spending, raised a lot of interest. Many Open Data activists participating in Open Government Data Camp 2011 and originators of similar projects in different countries of the world found the Albanian project interesting and asked for experience exchange regarding its public impact.

In addition, the project was recognized as one of the firsts of its kind in the region, was considered a leadership project and as a reference project for the neighbor countries. Open Data Albania is active from ten months and from November 1, 2011, its website ( will be available in English version as well.

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