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Life expectancy at birth

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Open Data Albania has conducted a study on the life expectancy at birth in Albania, comparing it at the same time with the countries of the region. The report is based on data provided by the World Bank. Life expectancy indicates the number of years that a new born baby is expected to live, given that the conditions of mortality do not change over the course of his/her life.

Since 1991, the life expectancy at birth for males and females in Albania has changed as follows:

Source: World Bank
Analysis and Comments: Open Data Albania

The chart shows that in Albania, in 2009, a new born male is expected to live 74 years, whereas a female 80 years. The life expectancy indicator has continuously improved, especially if compared with 1991, when life expectancy was merely 69 years for males and 75 years for females. What is noticeable is that females have always had a longer life expectancy. The improvement of life expectancy is an indicator of the improvement of life style and overall living conditions of the population.

Compared to countries of the region, Albania ranks second after Greece. The table below shows the scores of each country in 2009:

Source: World Bank
Analysis and Comments: Open Data Albania

According to the World Bank, Greece is the country with the highest life expectancy. For males in Greece life expectancy is 78 years, whereas for females 83 years. Albania ranks second in the region.

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