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Number of vehicles in Albania, compared to the region

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Open Data Albania has conducted a reasearch on the number of Automobiles in Albania, as compared to the region. The data is based on information provided by INSTAT, Ministry of Public Works and Transportation and the World Bank. Automobiles include: cars, buses and trucks. Meanwhile vehicles also include tractors, motorcycles and wagons.

Startin with 1998, the number of Automobiles per 1,000 inhabitants in Albania appears as follows:

Source: World Bank
Analysis and Comments: Open Data Albania

As you can see from the chart, Albania in 2010 had 121 Automobiles per 1,000 inhabitants. In other words, it had 294,729 cars, 7,032 buses dhe 83,413 trucks . The total number of all vehicles (which includes tractors, motorbikes and wagons) was 419,893. Compared with year 2000, the total number of vehicles has increased by 126%.

Historically the number of automobiles per 1,000 inhabitants  has seen continuous growth year over year. The year with the biggest increase was 2000, with a 20% increase than the previous years, whereas the year with the smallest increase was 2005, only 3% higher than the previous year. Compared to the region, Albania has a lower number of automobiles per 1,000 inhabitants. This data is shown in the table below.

Source: World Bank
Analysis and Comments: Open Data Albania

The increase of the number of automobiles in the roads of our country warrants improvement of infrastructure, education of the population and especially drivers regarding the road code, as well as additional measures to prevent accidents which have seen continuous increase in recent years.

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