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Access to Information on Justice, and the integrity and promotion of individuals in the justice system

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Data and documents on the justice system after the Reform. Additional access to information on the new justice institutions and individuals being promoted to the system. The new Access to Justice Info database aims at enhancing the integrity of processes and institutions through a data mine and information made available to the public and journalists. All laws, decisions, acts, strategies, reports and conclusions of external monitoring conclusions are published according to the institutions of Similarly, the website contains also a profile for every prosecutor , judge or member of the new justice institutions. The profile aims to provide easy to find documents on the education, professional experience, qualifications, promotion, vetting, self-declarations, and any other documents linked to new individuals in the system. This site is a data mine, which enables also a summary of media articles on the reform.

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Title: Akses Info Drejtėsi, mbi integritetin dhe promovimin e individėve tė sistemit tė drejtėsisė
Published article description: Tė dhėna dhe dokumenta pėr Sistemin e Drejtėsisė pas Reformės. Akses i shtuar nė informacion pėr institucione tė reja tė drejtėsisė dhe individ qė promovohen nė sistem.
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