Institutions found to have caused Economic Damage by audits conducted for their incomes and expenditures for January - December 2018

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Open Data Albania is investigating the economic damage found by the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) auditing of incomes and expenditures for 2018. The audit findings identify the institutions responsible and the respective values of the damages caused. The audits were part of the SAI’s Audit Plan for 2018, but the respective economic and financial activities belong to 2014 – 2018. During 2018, SAI audited 162 central and local institutions. The auditing included also commercial companies of state or joint capital, as well as project units of foreign financing. The audits identified irregularities and financial violations causing economic damage related to their incomes and expenditures estimated to be 24 093 742 lekė (approximately twenty four billion lekė) in total or Eur 193 million. The audited institution that marked the biggest damage was the General Tax Directorate with a damage of 13 billion lekė. This directorate is followed by the public-owned company, Albpetrol sh.a, with a damage of 4 billion lekė. The Electro-Energetic Corporate is found to have caused a damage of 1.6 billion lekė.
The violations, damage, and negative impact found during the 2018 audits belong to the economic and financial activity during 2014-2018. Thus, the auditing included 49 audits of ministries and central institutions; 61 audits of local self-governance administration and other local government bodies; 9 audits of tax and customs directorates; 21 audits of financial institutions and companies of state-joint capital; 7 audits of foreign financing project units, and 6 environment protection bodies. 

Institutions found to have caused Economic Damage during auditing of their incomes and expenditures for January - December 2018

Finally, SAI has proposed recommendations; measures for the improvement of the legal framework; administrative and organizational measures. In addition, SAI has addressed 4232 recommendations. The data were taken from SAI’s Bulleting of Audits.

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