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Ranking of Private Contractors by the value of contracts signed with the Municipalities for the period 15 July 2015 – 12 December 2018

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Open Data Albania presents the list of private contractors, ranking them by the value of contracts signed with the municipalities and their subordinate entities. This ranking is based on the data regarding all the procurement procedures conducted during the period July 2015 – December 2018. In July 2015, municipalities started to operate after the latest territorial and administrative division. These data are published in a well-structured format on the Open Procurement Albania Portal, the data catalog for Municipality Procurement. The ranking of contracted business companies by the value of their contract is updated and visualized dynamically on daily bases on the main page of the Municipality Transparent Procurement Portal. These data are visualized. The publication standard meets the Open Contracting  Principles, and they may be extracted or accessed to be used or reused in the CSV; XLXS, and JSON.
The data and the information provided by the Open Procurement Albania Portal are official data optioned and structured on daily bases form the government data base of the Public Procurement Agency, whose documents are made mainly available in the PDF version. The Public Procurement Agency data base makes the tender documentation available online for a short period of several weeks. Afterwards, such information and documentation regarding procurement in certain sectors may be accessed in the Open Procurement Albania Portal.
The term “contractor” in this article refers to business companies or several business companies together as merging of contracting operators for implementation of public contracts.
Contribution by: Open Procurement Albania
This ranking contains 50 business companies, which have been awarded the highest value contracts, exceeding one billion lekė of contracts. The contract value does not include the value added tax (VAT). These are the 8 top contractors, which are:
Fusha shpk with a value of contracts signed during July 2015 – December 2018 of 3 999 950 460 (three billion nine hundred ninety and nine million nine hundred and fifty thousand and four hundred and sixty) lekė.This business company has signed contracts with at least 3 municipalities. It is ranked on the top, considering only contracts where this company has participated in the tender process alone, i.e. without cooperating with any other business companies. Fusha shpk cooperates also with other business companies in implementing mainly public works. It mainly cooperates with companies like 2T shpk AlbaKonstruksion ; Bajrami N shpk  ; COLOMBO shpk  ; Ed Construksion shpk  ; ARCONSTUDIO  shpk  ; Everest shpk  ; GjokaKonstruksion ; Green Farm shpk  ; Hastoci shpk  ; Totila
The second in the list, considering the value without VAT, comes G P G Company with twenty four contracts with a total of 1 789 074 631 (one billion seven hundred eighty nine million and seventy four thousand and sixty hundred and thirty one) Lekė. This company has also signed contracts in cooperation with other companies like Everest shpk; LEON KONSTRUKSION; B 93 shpk; R.S& M shpk; XHIMO&KLEO shpk.

The third in this ranking of municipality contracting companies comes SALILLARI shpk with a value of contract for July 2015 - December 2018 of 1 570 604 436 (one billion five hundred seventy million and six hundred and four thousand and four hundred and thirty-six) Lekė. These are the contracts, where the company operates alone. The company cooperates with other companies, such as: Building Construction; Rosi shpk; Vashtemia shpk.

ALKO – IMPEX GENERAL CONSTRUCTION  follows with a number of twenty five contracts, and a total value, excluding VAT, of 1 458 696 237 (one billion and four hundred and fiftyeight million andsixty hundred ninetysix thousand and two hundred and thirtyseven) Lekė.

VėllezėritHysa Company has signed a contract during July 2015 – December 2018 for a value of 1 397 601 135 (one billion and three hundred and ninetyseven million and six hundred and one thousand one hundred and thirty-five) Lekė.
4 A – M shpk has signed contracts for a value of 1 009 951 814 (one billion nine hundred and nine hundred and fifty one thousand and eight hundred and fourteen) Lekė. A value of more than 1 billion lekė is also signed by Victoria Invest shpk, which has signed in total contracts for a value of 1 006 519 242 (one billion and six million five hundred and ninety thousand two hundred and forty-two) Lekė.
Contribution by: Open Procurement Albania

Readers might find more data about municipality tenders and their subordinate institutions by visiting the Open Procurement Albania .They may also find information there about tenders in the Health sector  and the Albanian Development Fund. The data base contains information and documentation for each procurement procedure. The information is structured in a way that it starts with the date on which calls for tenders were announced, the estimated fund limit available, the respective tendering institution, deadlines for submission of offers, eligibility criteria documentation, value of offers, number of participants in the competition process, assessment of offers and their disqualification, data about cancelation procedures, and information about the announcement of the wining offers, the date, and the value for which the contracts where assigned, as well as information about payments made for the execution of contracts.
The Open Procurement Albania Portal includes also a risk assessment algorithm , which serves to identify irregularities with tenders, such as lack of competitiveness, insufficient competition, etc. The tenders assess as exposed to risk are marked by a red flag, signaling the need for journalist investigations and institutional audits.
More detailed information can also be found on the Open Albania Corporates data base  for each contracted business company.

Date of publication: 15/12/2018
Title: Renditja e Kontraktorėve Privat sipas vlerės sė kontratave tė tenderuar me Bashki 15 Korrik 2015- 12 Dhjetor 2018
Published article description: Open Data Albania po prezanton listėn e kontraktorėve privat sipas renditjes nė vlera tė kontraktuara me Njėsi tė Qeverisjes Vendore, Bashki dhe entitete tė vartėsisė. Renditja pėrkon me tė dhėna pėr tė gjitha prokurimet e realizuara nė periudhėn kohore Korrik 2015 deri Dhjetor 2018. Nė Korrik 2015 filloi funksionimi i Bashkive sipas ndarjes sė re territoriale dhe administrative. Kėto tė dhėna janė publikuar tė mirė strukturuara nė Portalin Open Procurement Albania
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    Translated by: Etleva Kondakēiu