Number of internet users in Albania

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Open Data Albania has conducted a study on the number of internet users in Albania, based on data provided by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). During the recent 10 years the number of internet users for every 100 inhabitants is as shown below:

Source: International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
Analysis and Comments: Open Data Albania

As the chart shows there is a considerable increase in the number of internet users in Albania. During 2010, about 43.5% of Albanians (or about 1.34 million) are internet users, compared to only 41.2% in 2009.

Meanwhile, in the European Union countries for every 100 inhabitants, 68 are internet users, at a time when in the Balkans this indicator is far lower (50 out of every 100 inhabitants)

The number of internet users is a very important indicator because it shows the popularity and use of technology in a country, as well as the exchange of information at a country level.

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