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Incomes and Expenses of the Democratic Party for its 2017 Electoral Campaign

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Open Data Albania is investigating into the incomes and expenditures of the electoral subjects for their 2017 electoral campaign. The information is extracted from the report of the independent auditor. Such report provides well-structured information on the parties’ incomes and expenditures. The audits are made by members of the Institute of Certified Accountants in compliance with the requirements of the Electoral Code of the Republic of Albania (Law No. 10019, dated 29. 12. 2008, as amended) and Law No. 8580, dated 17. 02. 2000 on the Political Parties, as amended. In this electoral campaign, the electoral subject were required to declare their incomes and expenditures for a period starting from the date when the date of elections was announced. Before, this period would start 30 days before the election date. In the case of the latest general elections of 25 June, this period was required to start on 5 December 2016.
The Democratic Party (DP) has declared to have had 131 046 230 lekë of incomes and 97 218 466 lekë of expenses. In both cases, DP has declared not only incomes and expenditures in monetary means (cash), but also those made in kind.  Such in kind contributions consist of free services offered by the donors and accepted by the beneficiary.
According to the auditing report, the incomes of this party for the reporting period were 131 046 483 lekë.  They include: public funds from the state budget, and donations in kind or free TV advertising.

Comments and Analysis: ODA

DP declares to have received an amount of 108 157 230 lekë from the state budget during the reporting period through five transactions. DP does not specify which funds are allocated to the electoral campaign from the state budget, and which ones from the regular annual budget for 2017.
Another source of incomes for this party were in kind donations, such as office space for free for electoral purposes estimated to be equal to 1 738 853 lekë. These incomes are verified by an evaluation expert appointed by the Central Election Commission before the closure of the campaign. The auditing report notes that DP has not submitted any copies of its donation contracts, agreements, or any other documents that would enable an evaluation of the in kind donations, or the identification of the donors. The evaluation expert has used reference prices for square meter in making the evaluation. DP has declared to have also received free TV advertising as a donation in kind. In this case, media companies have issued an invoice to show the acceptance of their service by the beneficiary. In the case of DP, we also see bills that are already paid, and others classified as in kind donations in the form of free airtime.

In kind donations for DP, free TV advertising for the 2017 Electoral Campaign(in Albanian lekë)

The Democratic Party does not report to have received any cash donations, nor has it generated any incomes on its own (from membership fees, commercial activities, etc.) for electoral purposes.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party declares to have spent 97 218 466 lekë for its electoral campaign, including: promotional materials; audio, stage, and light system; live broadcasting and advertising; renting office space and transport of supplies; office rent for electoral purposes; and local and international consultancy services. Expenses include those paid, as well as services offered and accepted for free as in kind contributions for electoral purposes.

The Democratic Party has declared to have made several transactions towards foreign companies for consultancy services. Thus, DP has made four payments to three different companies in the amount of 10 217 878 lekë. Those companies are: Barner & Thornburg LLP; CLEAR PATH STRATEGIES LLC; MURPHY VOGEL ASKEW RIELLY, and Oliver Ubeda. DP has signed a contract with Barner & Thornburg LLP for 150 000 US dollars. The payment made to this company, however, consisted on 100 000 US dollars only. The contract was terminated without any penalties. DP has also made another payment to Olivera Ubeda on 22 June, but failure by the company to provide the expected service, led to such amount being returned to DP.

Comments and Analysis: ODA

Upon closure of elections, DP declares to still owe  3 561 300 lekë to Top Channel sh.a.
The structure of incomes and expenditures for the 2017 electoral campaign for other electoral subjects is available under the 2017 Electoral Spending on the Open Data Albania portal.

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