Ranking of 30 Economic Operators by value of contracts signed with Municipalities during July 2015 - January 2017

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The Albanian Institute of Science (AIS), an organization that promotes Open Data for Albania, has investigated the values of the contracts signed by economic operators with local government units though procedures of public procurement for the period July 2015 - 31 January 2017. The beginning of the investigation period represents the time of new municipalities emerging from the latest territorial and administrative division of the country. This ranking applies to bidding operators. Economic operators are usually business companies, which compete alone. There are, however, cases when several operators compete by a joint bid. 

That is why some operators appear in the list several times. The top operator, which marks the highest value of public contracts, is Fusha SHPK, the company that is announced a winner 14 times by three municipalities. It has been awarded a value of 2.2 billion lekė. This company alone has won contracts equal to ten percent of the total value of contracts under investigation. FUSHA also ranks ninth on the list in partnership with Everest SHPK, twentieth in partnership with Bajrami N SHPK, and twenty ninth in partnership with Colombo SHPK.

Fusha SHPK has won contracts when competing alone in three municipalities, namely Tirana, Vora, and Rrosovec. The tenders, where Fusha SHPK has won alone are in the sectors of reconstruction, urban cleaning service, and green areas services. Some of the main tenders won by this company include the First and Second Stage of the Requalification of Skėndėrbeg Square (527 535 937 Lekė and 978 878 879 Lekė), Construction of the Underground Parking Lot on Skanderbeg Square (222 719 919 lekė). It is interesting to note also the tenders won by Fusha SHPK in partnership with Everest SHPK. Together, they have been awarded the tender for the Revitalization of the Public Square in front of the Port, a contracts financed by the State Budget in the amount of 451 529 540 lekė.

Comments and analysis: Open Data Albania

The company that ranks second is G.P.G Company SHPK by 14 contracts signed with 11 municipalities. The company has signed contracts of more than one hundred million leke with the municipalities of Mirdita, Korēa, Delvina, and Kavaja. In total, the contracts that this company has signed alone, and not in partnership, amount to 1.33 billion lekė.

The third in the list is Salillari, which has signed 11 contracts with 7 municipalities, including Vora, Tirana, Divjaka, and Fier, where it has signed contracts of more than one hundred million lekė. Salillari is the company that was awarded the tender for the Requalification of the New Market. 

Ranking of 30 Economic Operators by value of contracts

Comments and analysis: Open Data Albania

The list of the thirty operators ranked by value of contracts signed with the municipalities is characterized by companies operating in the area of construction and reconstruction. These data are investigated by AIS as part of its activities in the framework of 'Monitor Municipality Private Clients' Project, supported by Lėviz Albania, Democracy in Action.

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    Contributer: Jonida Sali dhe Anila Ndrejaj
    Translated by: Eva PUSHI
    Edited by: ODA