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State budget support for the Central Election Commission for the period 2003-2011

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Central Election Commission (CEC) is the institution responsible for the administrations of elections in Albania. It is financed by the state budget and is an independent institution by the Central Government. CEC accomplishes its activities through two programs: “Planning, Management and Administration” and “General and Local Elections”

Source: Ministry of Finance
Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania (ODA)

The amount of money allocated by the State Budget for the CEC depends on the organization of elections in the country. The "Planning, Management, Administration" program, as it directly related to the functioning of the institution, has a very small oscillations, which are mainly upward.

The second program, which is the main program for this institution “The general and local elections", fluctuated from 23 million All in 2005 (general election year) to 500 million All in 2006 (about 21 times higher) and 250 million All in 2007 (local election year).

General elections of 2009 were administered through a fund of 600,000 million All and the same amount of support is provided for local elections of 2011. These years’ mark the highest figures ever spent for organizing elections in the country by the CEC. This amount is 16 times higher than in 2004 and 25 times higher than in 2005

All the information is shown in the dynamic table below:

Source: Ministry of Finance
Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania (ODA)   


Data for the years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2011 is taken from Initial Consolidated Budget
Data for the year 2007 is taken from the Supplementary Budget (revised)
Data for the years 2009, 2009, 2010 is taken from Consolidated Budget after The Normative Act

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