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Annual turnover of Companies with a Public Institution as a shareholder, 2012-2014

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Open Data Albania is exploring on annual turnover of companies with state entities as shareholders during 2012-2014. The data used in the research are obtained from historic extracts on joint stock companies contained under the documentation received in the National Registration Center, NRC.

In 2014, out of 120 joint stock companies with a public institution as the majority shareholder, only 65 companies have publicized their financial statements in the NRC database. Delivery and publication of accounting statements (annual balance-sheets) is a legal obligation.  According to the annual accounting statements, which were approved and audited, 65 entities had a total turnover of ALL 33.4 billion, or Euro 238 million.

Among the sixty-five entities, "Albanian Power Corporation (KESH SHA)” had the biggest turnover with ALL 10.8 billion, or Euros 77 million. This turnover represents 32% of the total turnover of 65 commercial entities with a capital, or quotes from a public institution, which was analyzed. Other entities with an annual turnover of over two billion ALL are Transmission System Operator OST, Alb control, Water Supply and Sewerage Tirana and the Albanian Post JSC.

Source: national registration Center (NCR)
Comments and analysis: ODA

During the three years 2012, 2013 and 2015, Albanian Power Cooperation (KESH JSC) records the highest turnover. The turnover of this entity declined by ALL 13.8 billion during a two  period.

Source: national registration Center (NCR)
Comments and analysis: ODA

On the other hand, the annual turnover of Transmission System Operator OST and Alb control has grown to ALL 1.1 billion and ALL 255 million during a two year period.

Source: national registration Center (NCR)
Comments and analysis: ODA

Detailed data for each of these JSCs, as annual turnover, profit or tax are found at Open Corporates Albania, a database with well-structured data on companies operating in the country.

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