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The capital increase and decrease of Joint Stock Companies under the ownership of a public institution during 2015

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Open Data Albania is exploring changes in the basic capital of 120 joint stock companies under the ownership of a public institution (government) during 2014-2015. Research data were obtained from historical extracts contained in the database of the National Registration Center NRC.

Changes in capital are an output of two procedures: Increase, or Decrease of the Company?s capital. The capital increase is due to: arrangement of the annual profits; additional contributions from shareholders; transfer of objects (assets) under the ownership, or management of the company; growth of reassessment of objects (assets), or transfer of assets; budget funds reallocation to the benefit of the company, or financial sponsorships etc.

Reduction of capital occurs in cases when the adjustment of annual or carried forward losses is performed; revaluations of objects (assets) with losses; transfer of ownership for objects and assets; amortization and announcement of the assets as out of use.
On December 31 of 2015, 11 out of 120 joint stock companies under consideration had increased their own capital.

Source: National Registration Center (NRC)
Comments and analysis: ODA

The highest growth of capital was recorded from <a href = "http://open.data.al/en/corporates/view/id/750/cat_id/3">Albanian Railways</a>, which has taken under its administration (possession) objects that were previously managed by local authorities. A capital increase was also recorded from <a href = "http://open.data.al/en/corporates/view/id/776/cat_id/3">Lanabregas Hydropower Plant </a>as a result of the transfer of assets (merger under the territorial jurisdiction) and <a href = "http://open.data.al/en/corporates/view/id/779/cat_id/3">Tirana Football Club</a> as a result of commercial sponsorship.

On 31 December 2015, a capital reduction was recorded in some Joint Stock Companies with a public institution as a shareholder. In most of the cases the capital reduction was due to mismanagement and financial losses.

Source: National Registration Center (NRC)
Comments and analysis: ODA

The capital of <a href = "http://open.data.al/en/corporates/view/id/714/cat_id/3">Military Clothing Manufacturing Enterprise</a> was reduced at a rate of 86% as a result of the arrangement of the annual and carried forward losses. <a href = "http://open.data.al/en/corporates/view/id/363/cat_id/3">Likewise Students Treatments Enterprise No. 3</a> recorded a rate of 29% in capital losses and <a href = "http://open.data.al/en/corporates/view/id/836/cat_id/3">Albafilm</a> a rate of 12%.

Data on joint stock companies, capital, management, profits and annual turnover are accessible at <a href = "http://open.data.al/sq/corporates/list">Open Corporate Albania </a>according to a passport for each JSCs.

Shareholder  Capital Change of Business Organizations with a Public Institution as a shareholder, extracts obtained from NRC 2014 vs. 2015

Source: National Registration Center (NRC)
Comments and analysis: ODA

Joint Stock Companies that have undergone the procedure of Changes in Equity during 2014-2015 are mainly under the possession of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy that is 16 out of 22 joint stock companies.

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