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Monthly Private Consumption of Families in Albania 2007-2014

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Thefollowing analysis from Open Data Albania is focused on the monthlyprivate consumption of an average family in Albania for the 2007-2014 period. Private consumption (also known as the Household final consumption expenditure) includes the total expense for products and services from resident families for their individual demands.

This indicator doesn't equal the Family Unit Expenses calculated by INSTAT based on its surveys, because of the different components included in each.

Household final consumption expenditure includes:

-Households' purchases of products for their everyday needs (e.g. food, clothing, personal services);
-Health expenditures;
-Buying cars;
-Actual rental expenditure;
-Implied rental expenditure;

Implied rental expenditureis the amount of rent that a household (which owns a house) would pay as rent if it didn?t own it (so even though a family might own a house, the implied rent that it would pay is added as an expenditure for GDP calculation).

The average monthly consumption of a family in Albania has been calculated based on survey data of 2007, 2009 and 2014, conducted by INSTAT.

Private Consumption of Families

Source: INSTAT   
Comments and analysis: ODA   
*Number of families is interpolated   

Source: INSTAT   
Comments and analysis: ODA

Monthly private consumption has increased the mostin 2008 (16 % increase), and the least in 2013 (3.0% increase). On average the yearly increase in monthly private consumption in the last 7 years has been 5.4%.

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