The GDP per capita in Albania compared to the countries of the region

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One of the indicators for individual wealth in a country is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, which is measured as the ratio between the GDP and the total population of that country.

Open Data Albania has conducted a research work on Albania's GDP per capita compared to the other countries of the region, based on data provided by the World Bank.

In order for the data to be comparable with those of other countries, per capita GDP is converted to U.S. dollars (USD) based on the current exchange rate (present).

The comparison of the GDP per capita in the region is presented in the following chart:

Source: World Bank
Analysis and comments: ODA

As it can be seen from the graph, Albania is in the penultimate place in the region with a GDP per capita of 3,808 USD (followed by Kosovo with 2,984 USD). Meanwhile, Greece is in the first place (29,240 USD), followed by Croatia (14,222 USD), Turkey (8,215 USD), Montenegro (6,635 USD), Serbia (5,872 USD) and Macedonia (4,514 USD).

All the information is shown in the table below:

Source: World Bank
Analysis and comments: ODA

Excel datasets : XML, N3 datasets :
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    Translated by: Andia Puka