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Statistic Indicators for NPOs, 2005-2014

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Open Data Albania is updating the number of Non-Profit and International Organizations operating in the Republic of Albania for 2014. According to Law no. 8788, dated 7.5.2001, a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) is a juridical association, foundation or center that doesn't intend to extract profits and operates independently from the state and political influence of parties and mainly engages in activities that contribute to the public good. Data for this article were taken from that part of the National Registry of Enterprises, which keeps processed data for registered entities and those entities that declare theiractivities through their fiscal number TIN.

Non-profit organizations acquire legal personality after they are established and registered in court in accordance with the conditions and procedures provided for in the law. Tirana District Court has a legal obligation to maintain a National Register for this category of entities. But, this institution has not applied until nowkeeping of a database or statisticswith public indicators about established and registered public organizations.

This article of ODA refersonly to indicators of those organizations, which after their establishment haveexercised their activity by paying all their tax liabilities. Specifically, these are organizations with an active TIN. The number may behigher since there are also other organizations that operate as voluntary unions and have a foundation act registered in court, but they have not filed their returns to the Tax Authorities.

According to ODA research, 2378 local and international organizationswere operating in Albania in 2014.

Source: Institute of Statistics (INSTAT)
Comments and analyses: ODA

According to statistical indicators published by the Open Data Albania, an average of 192 new organizations are registered on annual basis. According to a research carried out during 2006 to 2014, 347 new non-profit organizations were established in 2014 marking so the greatest number compared with other years. Although in 2006-2007 and 2011-2012, the number of established NPOs was significantly lower, this number never dropped below one hundred organizations founded on annual basis.

Source: Institute of Statistics (INSTAT)
Comments and analyses: ODA

The number of female leaders at the top of NPOs is increasing, but according to ODA this increasing rate is still 30%. In the last two years, 2013 and 2014, respectively 645 and 722 women were at the head of NPOs.

Source: Institute of Statistics (INSTAT)
Comments and analyses: ODA

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