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Paedophilia. Volume of crimes and dynamics of the phenomenon

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Sexual crimes and criminal offences against morality and dignity are not a group of criminal offences often encountered. Even in the statistical elaboration of criminal cases prosecuted over the years, this group of crimes represents a group of offences less often prosecuted, with a decreasing trend in number.

Thus, according to the 2009 Statistical Annual Report of the Ministry of Justice, in that year 25 sexual crimes were prosecuted in Albania (articles 100 to 108) and 80 criminal offences against morality, dignity and the family (articles 113 to 130).

If the volume of cases prosecuted by the Albanian courts a year before, in 2008, is compared, we will see that sexual crimes and crimes against morality, dignity and the family are significantly reduced in number in 2009 and constitute the only group of crimes that is on the decrease. Specifically, there were 13 fewer cases in this group, from 38 cases in 2008 to 25 criminal cases in 2009; for the group of crimes against morality, dignity and the family there were 46 fewer criminal cases, from 126 cases in 2008 to 80 cases in 2009.

The crimes fewest in number for 2009 are those in the area of sexual crimes, crimes against freedom and against morality and the family, respectively 3, 2 and 3 crimes for each criminal offence of these fields. 

It is very important to emphasize that out of the 25 sexual offences prosecuted in 2009, 21 of them were sexual offences with a passive minor subject. This coincides with a somewhat alarming situation in terms of the sexual victimization of minors and requires an analysis of the statistical data.
What appears problematic is the fact that sexual crimes, being researched essentially only by the media (because of lack of methodology of the Ministry of Justice in statistics) can be observed to have been committed in aggravating circumstances, with a high number of victims and serious kinds of collaboration.

A case  worth mentioning is the criminal proceeding against the founders and funders of the center "His Children," a case with many minor sexually abused victims, a crime committed in collaboration, with minors placed under guardianship in an entity utilized for purposes of sexual abuse. In addition, it is worth mentioning that in some cases sexual crimes against children have appeared in serious forms and with consequences up to loss of life.

Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania

It is worth mentioning that Article 117, Pornography, is an article under which no case has ever been prosecuted. This is clear evidence not of a lack of criminal activity but rather a deficiency in the legislation for establish structures to monitor and denounce this phenomenon.

Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania

Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania

Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania

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    Contributer: Aranita Brahaj
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