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Debt per capita in the years 2010-2015

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Open Data Albania has taken into consideration the debt per capita in years 2010-2015. It is calculated as the ratio of total outstanding debt of the state to the population at a given time.

Source: Ministry of Finance and INSTAT
Processing and comments: ODA

As seen from the graph, the share of debt that every Albanian citizen carries from year to year has increased, reaching a peak in 2015. From 245,151 ALL that was the value of the debt per capita in 2010, it has increases with about 118 thousand ALL or 48% more in 2015, to reach 363,750 ALL.
The highest growth of debt per capita is noticed in 2014, caused mainly by the high growth of the outstanding debt his year. In the Revised Budget for 2014, the total debt is presented with a value of 104 billion ALL more than in 2013, or 11.76%, marking the highest increase of public debt since 2010.

2015 has the lowest growth rate of debt for the period under consideration, 6.47 % versus 2014, in contrast to the years like 2011 when debt rose by 8% or 2013 with 6.88%. However, its accumulation over the years and its constant growth has caused for Albanians to face in the next year an even higher debt. Thus, in 2010, 980,606 ALL of common public debt “belong” to an average family of 4 members, in 2015 this value will be 1,455,000 ALL.

It should be noted that the calculation of the debt per capita is affected from two parameters, the amount of debt and the number of population. The contraction of the population since 2010 has given its impact on the growth of debt per capita, however, its low rates has made the public debt the dominant factor that determines the performance of this indicator. This fact is even more evident in the chart below.

Source: Ministry of Finance and INSTAT
Processing and comments: ODA

The table below presents all the information on the public debt, population, debt per capita and their trend from year to year for the period 2010-2015.

Source: Ministry of Finance and INSTAT
Processing and comments: ODA

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