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The number and capital of the Joint-Stock Companies by Sectors, June 2014

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Open Data Albania has conducted a research regarding the number and capital of the joint-stock companies operating in various sectors of the Albanian economy. Based on the ?On Entrepreneurs and Commercial Companies? Law (article 105), a joint-stock company is a commercial company, the capital of which is divided into shares subscribed by founders, who can by either individuals and/or juridical persons.

Based on the official data obtained from the National Registration Center (NRC), by the end of June there are registered 1,273 joint-stock companies. In order to categorize joint-stock companies according to the sectors of the economy, it was taken into account the categorization made by the Bank of Albania in its reports for the national economy: Industry, Agriculture, Services and Construction.

 Categorization of joint-stock companies based on the sectors of the economy is as follows: Industry has 171 companies or 13.4% of the total of companies; Agriculture has 18 joint-stock companies or 1.4% of the total; Services 790 companies or 62% of the total; Construction 57 companies or 4.5% of the total. There are no data on the NRC for 237 companies or 18.6% of the total. These companies might be either non-active, up-dating their active status, in the process of liquidation or closed.

Data Source: National Registration Center
Comments and Analysis: ODA

Data Source: National Registration Center
Comments and Analysis: ODA

Based on the data obtained from the historic extracts of these joint-stock companies, extracted by ODA because of this research, it is noticed that the service sector dominates all joint-stock companies either in terms of the number of operators and also in terms of the capital. Based on the data of the financial statements (book value), it is estimated that the capital of shares of the all joint-stock companies registered at NRC is 2.89 billion euros or 3.94 billion US dollars.

The categorization of the capital of the joint-stock companies, which do have data on the system, according to the sectors of the domestic economy is as follow: Industry has a total value of 601 318 993 Euros or 20.82% of the total joint-stock companies basic capital; Agriculture has a total value of 17 853 322 Euros or 0.62% of the total capital; Services have a total value of 2 221 669 193 Euros or 76.92% of total capital; Construction has a total value of 47 404 392 Euros or 1.65% of the total capital of joint-stock companies.

Data Source: National Registration Center
Comments and Analysis: ODA

For a small part of them, 188 companies or 14.8% of the total, because of the lack of historical extracts of the NRC, defining the field of activity is made only based on their commercial name, which clearly states the company?s activity. The capital of joint-stock companies taken into consideration in this research, refers to the founding basic capital actually resulting (in June 2014) in the financial statements of these companies (book value).

The lack of an active stock-exchange in Albania makes it impossible to calculate the real market value for these companies. Nonetheless, it is important to notice that, since these joint-stock companies often re-evaluate the capital by increasing/decreasing it, it is considered that the value of the capital in the financial statements is not far away from the real market value.

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    Contributer: Artan Gjergji
    Translated by: Viola Qefalia
    Edited by: ODA