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Foreign Direct Investment in Kosovo by economic sectors 2007-2013

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Based on data from the Central Bank of Kosovo Open Data Albania has conducted a research related to FDI by sectors of the economy for 2007-2013. Foreign direct investments are an important source of capital flows and economic development.

Most of FDI in Kosovo in 2013 consists in the real estate sector (35%), followed by construction (15%), transportation and telecommunications (14%), financial services (11%), energy (8 %), manufacturing (7%) etc.

Source: Central Bank of Kosovo
Comments and analysis: ODA

Over the years, the situation in Kosovo has changed. In 2007 the major share of FDI was concentrated in the sector of transport and telecommunication. During this year, 129.24 million euros have been invested in the sector, from a total of 440.74 million euros of FDI. Another important sector this year has been also financial services, with over 100 million euros invested.

In years 2008 and 2009 the situation changed in favor of the financial services sector which accounted for respectively 35% and 25% of total foreign direct investments.

In the years 2010 and 2011 the construction sector takes advantage. In this area were invested respectively 91.06 and 134.97 million euros.

In the last two years the leading sector is the real estate one. During 2012 the value of FDI for this sector marks a value of 72.57 million euros or 32% of total FDI in the year.

Foreign Direct Investment by economic sectors in Kosovo 2007-2013               

Source: Central Bank of Kosovo
Comments and analysis: ODA

Foreign direct investment, are an important indicator of the confidence of foreign investors in a country. They decrease in terms of economic and political crises and increase in terms of improvement of the economic and political environment. In the time frame 2007 - 2013 Foreign Direct Investment in Kosovo marked contraction. Compared with previous years, in 2013 the share of FDI in the processing industry and sanitary services were significantly reduced, while the weight of the energy and construction sectors increased.

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    Contributer: Griselda Rruci
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