Shareholders of non - bank financial institutions - NRC Extract, May 1, 2014

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Open Data Albania has conducted a research related to the shareholders of non-bank financial institutions in the Republic of Albania. Non-bank financial institutions are companies that perform activities of financial intermediation and other activities closely related to financial intermediation but which are not allowed to accept deposits. Shareholders can be natural or legal persons who own shares subscribed by founders as part of the institution's capital. The data source in the research is the National Registration Center (NRC) in which there are historical data extracts of non-bank institutions.

Total equity of legal person shareholders of bank financial institutions in Albania reaches the value of 5.6 billion ALL. Among juridical shareholder, the highest value of capital is owned from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, which is the sole shareholder of the Albanian Post Office with 100% of the capital or 1.6 billion ALL of capital. This shareholder represents 22% of total equity of non-bank institutions in the country and 29% of the total capital owned from juridical persons in these institutions.

Another subject with equity of over 1 billion is the Ministry of Finance, shareholder of the 'Shoqeria e pare e zhvillimit -FAF sha'. The legal person with the lowest capital is BALFIN, shareholder of Fin-al sh.p.k with a capital of nearly 38 million ALL.

Non-bank financial institutions. Juridical person Shareholders and Current Charter Capital (01/05/2014)

Source: National Registration Center (NRC)
Comments and analysis: ODA

On May 1, 2014 there are 98 individual recorded as shareholders in non-bank institutions. Among them, two have foreign citizenship and twenty-two are females. The individual with the largest capital is Renis Tėrshana, of 'Credins Leasing sh.a' with a capital of 49% of the charter capital or 415 million ALL.

This capital represents 6% of the total capital of all institutions and 24% of the capital owned by individuals. Alexander Pilo, also shareholder of Credins Leasing sh.a' owns a capital of 212 million ALL or 25% of shares. Individuals with the lowest value of capital owned are Nevrus Ēallo, Majlinda Dini, Adriatik Muēaj and Aferdita Koko of 'Fondi Besa sh.a'  with a value of 663 thousand ALL each.

Non-bank financial institutions. Individual Shareholders and Current Charter Capital (01/05/2014)

Source: National Registration Center (NRC)
Comments and analysis: ODA

Among female individuals, the greatest equity is owned from Monica Milo shareholder of 'Credins Leasing sh.a', which owns 4.99% of shares or 42.3 million ALL. Individual shareholders in non-bank financial institutions constitute a total capital of 1.7 billion ALL.

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    Contributer: Griselda Rruci
    Translated by: Viola Qefalia
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