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Actual Budget of Public Albanian Radio and Television 2012-2013

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Open Data Albania has conducted a research related to the actual budget of the Public Albanian Radio and Television in the years 2012 to 2013. Data of the research for Public Radio and Television were obtained from the catalog Spending Date Albania. All transactions with value, date, description of expenditure and beneficiaries are accessible through the application State Treasury Monitoring.

A special characteristic for the execution of transactions for this institution through the State Treasury is the non declaration of beneficiaries of these transactions. Also, the non-specific description of many of the items of expenditure makes not clear the weight of spending on human resources towards logistical expenses or special programs expenses. These defects of accounting standards and categories make this institution not transparent in the obligation to inform the public about how taxpayer money is spent.

Source: Spending.data.al
Comments and analysis: ODA

During 2012 this institution has a actual budget budget of 1,040,890,762 (one billion forty million eight hundred ninety thousand seven hundred sixty-two) ALL. Budget, which in 2013 was reduced to 916,566,387 (nine hundred and sixteen million five hundred and sixty-six thousand three hundred and eighty-seven) ALL or 12%.

Source: Spending.data.al
Comments and analysis: ODA

During 2012, the budget mostly consisted in the financing costs for the satellite programs for Albanians living abroad, respectively 70% of the total or about 729 million ALL. A significant amount of the budget belongs to expenditures on devices which accounted for 26% of the budget or 270 million ALL. The rest of the budget covered expenses for the festival (3%) and expenses for the technical realization of filming (1%).

Source: Spending.data.al
Comments and analysis: ODA

In 2013, the expenses for devices were reduced to about twice in comparison with the previous year recording a value of 134 million ALL. These costs occupy 15% of the budget of 2013. The remaining 783 million ALL were recorded from the General Directorate of Albanian Radio and Television as spending situations.

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