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Consumption and energy losses 2000-2013

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Open Data has undertaken a research on consumption and electricity losses during the period 2000-2013. Energy consumed is the amount that households and business entities consume. At the end of 2013 energy consumption amounted to 4.5 million MWH increasing versus a year ago with 4%. Electricity consumption has been steadily increasing, standing at high levels, accounting for over 65% of the total energy produced.

Albania remains a country dependent on the consumption of electricity for different purposes. Families use it for almost all services inside the home while the use of alternative energy sources remains limited.

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But the positive figures of energy production and consumption growth have not curb electricity losses in the grid. At the end of 2013, electricity losses reached the greatest level of the last 13 years, scoring 3.3 million MWh. Versus a year ago losses expanded by 1.7%.

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Energy losses in the network is unbilled energy consumed by households or business, which is generated domestic from energy system, but no incomes are collected. Much of it is absorbed (stolen0, while another part is lost during transmission and distribution due to the amortized infrastructure network.

Ratio loshes/consumption has increased significantly over the last two years scoring 72.6% at the end of 2013. This indicator confirms the rapid growth of power theft during 2012-2013, marking the highest level since 2000.

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