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The annual cost per inmate in the Republic of Albania in 2013

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Open Data Albania is exploring the costs of the annual State budget to keep detainees in prisons or prisoners for serving prison sentences. To obtain this analysis it was taken under consideration the value of budget expenditures for all transactions in 2013 and this total was divided by the number of prisoners and detainees in a certain date of the year and there was also the data for the month of April 2013.

Source: and General Directorate of Prisons
Comments and analysis: ODA

In the Republic of Albania, the budgetary institution, as a part of the Prison System, that has had the highest cost per inmate in 2013 is Tirana Prison Hospital, which has spent about 7.2 million ALL per person. Other institutions with high cost are also Detention Tropojė with a cost per person about 2.4 million ALL, Detention Kukes with about 1 million etc. Budgetary institution with the lowest cost per inmate has been Lezha prison with about 241 thousand ALL.

If we take the total of Prisons including the General Directorate of Prisons the result is that the total cost per person is about five hundred and twenty-four thousand ALL.

Annual costs per inmate in RA 2013           

Source: and General Directorate of Prisons
Comments and analysis: ODA

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