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Donors registered in June 21, 2015 Election Campaign

Election entities are likely to be financed during election campaigns by private donors, local individuals or legal persons. Electoral Code has provided for the rules of donations to electoral entities and cases when donations from donor entities comprises a conflict of interest. Individuals, or legal entities can not donate larger amounts than one million. Each donation, which amounts more than one hundred thousand ALL is made through bank accounts and is recorded in a special register.

Democratic Party, Election Funds and Expenditures, Campaign for 2015 Local Elections

Open Data Albania is exploring on funding and expenditures made during elections campaign 2015 from the electoral entity, Democratic Party, DP. In this campaign for the local elections, the Democratic Party has been provided with a fund of ALL 81.1 million. In the financial report submitted, DP claims to have spent only 78.8 million ALL, marking so for the first time a surplus of funds of ALL 2 million.

Socialist Party, Funds and Expenditures for Local Election Campaign 2015

Open Data Albania is carrying out investigations on electoral funds and expenditures used during election campaign of 2015 by the electoral entity, the Socialist Party (SP). In this campaign for the local elections, SP has been provided a fund of ALL 9.3 million. In the financial report that was submitted, SP claims to have spent ALL 109.7 million, indicating so that the funds had been exceed by ALL 17 million.