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Lobbying to abrogate the law that reduces the benefits of maternity, has already started; Open Data Albania makes public available the tables and the new calculations.

Soon after the detailed analysis public available at Open Data Albania on the reduction of the benefits as a result of legal amendments, members of the Group on Gender Issues in the Parlament of Albania notified on a possibility of abrogating this article, that obviously consists in legal aggravated effects. 

Spending Data Albania - sheds light on cases of conflict of interest. One Member of Parliament risks losing his mandate

For the last nine months, Project “Spending Data Albania” has published every transaction involving payment of public money to beneficiaries and clients of the state institutions. Such information helps Albanian citizens learn how their money and public assets are being spent. At the same time, individuals may know clients who provide paid services to the state institutions, and from time to time see whether there is any nepotism or conflict of interest involved in such arrangements.


Until now, Open Data Albania has been focusing mainly on the transparency of public funds such as the state budget; programs expenses; individual tax distribution etc. Lately, after the publication of several articles with data about the underground wealth on minerals such as oil, copper, chrome, it was made possible to start a public debate and analysis about how these wealth is being managed; how the mineral products are being sold in the international market and whether the revenues generated are being reported correctly.

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Summary of the discussion at the roundtable on financing of political parties and of electoral campaigns, 14 may 2014

The Supreme State Audit and the Albanian Institute of Science sign a cooperation agreement

The Supreme State Audit and the Albanian Institute of Sciences (AIS), engaged through a cooperative agreement for the exchange of data between institutions. The agreement was signed by the chairman of SSA, Bujar Leskaj and the executive director of the Albanian Institute of Science, Aranita Brahaj.

Open Spending Albania - Where does my money go?

Albanian Institute of Science, Open Data Albania Team, willing to empower both individuals and the Albanian society with information on how taxpayers’ money is spent has built a new platform known as Spending Data Albania. Through certain applications, the public has the opportunity to learn how each individual contributes through their taxes to the total budget or to specific budgets by sectors. Similarly, an application known as Money Map and Budget provides information on division of budgets by sectors.

Data and visualization on the Fund, Donations, Debts and Election Expenses 2013

Open Data Albania through section Election Expenses 2013, is visualizing for information on funding, expenses and donations or debts of the Campaign for Assembly Election 2013. Transparency in Election Financing is regulated by legal provisions in the Election Code specifically in Chapter II, Articles 87-92.

Public debt in the Republic of Albania 2013 - 2014

Open Data Albania has recently published a set of articles on the structure and effects of the Public Debt by the progress in 2013, and the forecasts for 2014. Specifically, in the beginning of this year has been brought up to date information on Public debt per capita 2014 and Cost of debt per capita 2014.

Central Election Commission violates the Electoral Code concerning Financing of Electoral Subjects

After publishing the data about the electoral expenditures for the two last campaigns, Open Data Albania, in an effort to ensure as much transparency as possible over the official data concerning the 2013 Electoral Campaign, found certain violations of the law in the organization of work by the Central Election Commission (CEC). Such violations have led to serious irregularities and shortcomings in the process of selection and appointment of the Licensed Auditing Experts for auditing the funds received for the 2013 electoral campaign.

Ministry of Finances Censures the State Treasure  Public Data

In the name of the principles of Journalism for Public Information, I would like to share with you a concern over a recent case of State Treasure Public Data being censured.