Ministry of Finances Censures the State Treasure  Public Data

In the name of the principles of Journalism for Public Information, I would like to share with you a concern over a recent case of State Treasure Public Data being censured.The Albanian Government is obliged by law and by the respective secondary l

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Applicants from Kosovo in Datathon Day in Tirana 2011

Open Datathon Albania – Hackathon Day in Tirana 2011 raised high interest in the intelligent and creative youth community in the Republic of Albania and even broader, in the Republic of Kosovo. One of the competitors of Hackathon Day in Tirana 2011

Open Datathon Albania – Hackathon Day Winners

Following the path of international Hackathons, Open Datathon Albania is a gathering of students, experts, social activists that write applications, release data, create visualizations and publish analyses by using open data. This aims to show sup

Open Datathon Albania – Hackathon Day in Tirana Winners’ Announcement

The Albanian Institute of Science organized for the first time in Albania a very important and innovative event: Open Datathon Albania – Hackathon Day in Tirana. This Open Data and Open Knowledge marathon is a very important event in many European

Presentation in Luigj Gurakuqi University in Shkoder

In the framework of Open Data Albania activities, Luigj Gurakuqi University in Shkoder and the Albanian Institute of Science organized the presentation of “The Use of Methodology Open Data in Science Research”. The presentation was held on Novembe

Presentation in Aleksander Xhuvani University in Elbasan

The Open Data Albania project was presented recently in Aleksander Xhuvani University, a well-known University throughout Albania for its legacy. The carried work and the possibility of using new technologies in the best interest of public and grou

Open Data Albania in University presentation in Media

Interview in Ora News. Guest, Aranita Brahaj, Open Data Albania DirectorOpen Data Albania presented recently the Open Data Albania in Universities initiative. Open Data Albania in Universities comes as a result of the great impact that this projec

Open Data Albania, attractive on Business News from Albania

Open Data Albania is one of the most attractive projects and websites on data effectiveness for the businesses in Albania. Currently, many websites specialized on publishing business news from the Balkans, publish continuously articles from Open Da

Open Data Albania presented in Open Government Data Camp 2011

Open Data Albania – a project for transparency and innovation – was successfully presented in the important international event Open Government Data Camp 2011. ( Open Knowledge Foundation and Centrum Cyfrowe organized the event,

The Conference

Open Data ideology and practice requires that data are freely available for everyone, laying the foundations for transparency and decision making. Many democratic countries have supported this practice, freeing and facilitating access to their gove

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